About Dr. Melissa Richman

About Dr. Melissa Richman

Dr. Melissa Richman received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Pepperdine University in 1991, a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California in 1994 with a concentration in mental health, and her Doctor of Psychology in 2001. She received her LCSW from the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners in 1997 and then served as a Clinical Social Worker and Psychiatric Social Worker in local hospitals such as Northridge Hospital and Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Richman supervised and managed an Addiction/Mental Health program at Cedars Sinai Medical Center from 1998-2000. Dr. Richman has also had experience in business healthcare where she consults for healthcare companies, assisting practitioners throughout California to work with the managed care system. Before entering private practice full time in Los Angeles early in 2000, Dr. Richman met “DAPA” criteria, becoming a Diplomate through the American Psychotherapy Association. Historically Dr. Richman also worked extensively with the severe and persistently mentally ill, and foster care in her earlier years in Los Angeles County.

Dr. Richman’s background is extensive. Her focus has been in treating all forms of addiction, intimacy, relationship, trauma, depression, anger, and anxiety issues.

Dr. Richman is well-known in the entertainment field and family law field. She continues to be a contributor to media, social media, and television. With Dr. Richman’s specialty in personality, relationships and sexual addiction, her practice is well-rounded.

Dr. Richman has worked with many high-profile clients in her private practice, including CEO’s of large organizations. She has consulted for businesses related to performance, organizational health/wellness. Her clients include families, adults, and couples. She has extensive experience working with couples going through divorce and working with family law attorneys in a “Curative” and “Collaborative” process. Dr. Richman’s work with physicians that collaborate is really a needed and special quality among healthcare professionals today. An integrative approach compliments receiving patients fully and is necessary for a collaborative approach between physician and clinician. Dr. Richman feels social work and the practice of psychotherapy has allowed her to share a great many rewards and lessons in understanding human nature.

“My focus is to offer with great humility the chance to empower my patients by cultivating a ‘partnership’ style relationship through their treatment. I do this with my patients as well with colleagues and know this is the main agent of change in patient care. I feel it is a crucial factor in the cohesiveness and progression of our client’s recovery. Because of the intimate nature of therapy, the therapeutic alliance becomes the most crucial component of success. By entering my clients’ world in a light of support, respect, and safety, I help them seek change through awareness and enlightenment. Being bound to act in a client’s best interest is a high calling that I believe permits no compromise. Psychotherapy is a process that is invaluable. I believe that working with a client is all about taking a journey together, where I navigate and guide my client in a deep exploration to achieve change. If one can change or alter their subjective reality, then relief and a new perception will follow. That is the essence of this journey. I hope I can offer assistance in this area.”