Dr. Richman is known as “The Relationship Expert”. She works with adults in helping build engaged and fulfilling relationships, personal and professional. Dr. Richman is as human and authentic as you get. Her relational style has created an atmosphere that is healing, positive and reparative. Dr. Richman’s theoretical practice is in Self Psychology. This supports her psychodynamic orientation, but she also practices different modalities as needed, such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Ambivalence Based Psychotherapy.

Concierge Psychotherapy

Dr. Richman has been ahead of her time. She developed her concierge practice years back offering the highest quality care and responsiveness to her patients. Dr. Richman will focus solely on your care collaborating with other professionals as needed for your benefit and for treatment effectiveness. A concierge model offers a more present experience of Dr. Richman with a prompt personal response to your concerns.

Mission Statement

My mission as a clinical social worker and psychotherapist is to bear witness to my patient’s narrative. By speaking to my client directly, not just to their symptoms, we achieve insight and build trust towards psychological and emotional well-being. As a “corrective relational partner”, my ultimate goal is to help my clients explore their feelings, reduce their anxiety, and improve their self-image and the manner in which they relate to their world.

Life is a Process

Working together a step at a time, we learn to tolerate the discomforts of life, feel into the joys of being in life, and realize that life is in fact an imperfect journey. Part of the process of life is to continually allow yourself to be open to being true to yourself personally and authentically. By understanding your relationships and learning to think about yourself, you can learn to heal and grow. When you allow yourself to have a true relationship with yourself, you can learn to accept others and allow relationships to bloom and build a sense of trust.

Healing is a Process

Psychotherapy is not a quick fix. It is a process that can help you to heal. When you have a problem that you can no longer handle on your own and need help, the first step is to ask for help, as impossible as that may feel in the moment. There are many ways to help with a problem, but most have short rewards. To truly fix a problem, you must address it authentically. There are many parts to learning to live with your problem, the most important is to develop a relationship with a trusted psychotherapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist that can guide you through the process. You must commit to the long-term process to have the long-term effects you are seeking.